Practical counselling training and experience

Our hands-on training is for people who are involved in the world of counselling or whose job calls on them to do counselling. This includes students and professional practitioners, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, pastors and spiritual leaders.

Student connection and community heart

We are involved in a number of programmes providing students with practical experience and training. This includes BPsych intern counsellors, psychology, theology, medical and other students at Steve Biko and George Mukhari Academic Hospitals (Pretoria).

At the same time as gaining practical experience, the student and professional volunteers boost the psycho-social services available at these hospitals, at no additional cost or burden.   Read more…


> Whole person care: Paying attention to all the ways of being – physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual.  

> Working with all people with compassion, understanding and respect.   

> Supporting the strategic intent of the government to make professional psychological services available and accessible to everyone.